English Mylene Hoffman
Japanese ミレーヌ・ホフマン
Aliases Agent 009-1
Race Cyborg
Gender Female
Professional Status
Affiliation Nine Number Group
Zero Zero Organization
Occupation Secret Agent
Manga debut 1
Anime debut Episode 1 - Infiltrators
Voice Actors
Japanese Yumiko Shaku
English Alice Fulks
Spanish Circe Luna
Portuguese Letícia Quinto

Mylene Hoffman, known as 009-1, is the titular protagonist of 009-1.

She is a secret agent of the all-female Nine Number Group, one of the ten groups in the Zero Zero Organization, a Western Bloc intelligence organization.

Almost her entire body has been cybernetized, and various parts of her body are equipped with special functions which are necessary for spy activity. Besides her standard weapon, the WA-P009 (a ray/plasma gun), she also wears earring communicators, boots with a hidden needle gun, and other special gear.

Her most secret pieces of equipment are the 9 mm machine guns integrated into her breasts that fire bio-bullets. Various secret equipment has been installed in her body with all the heavy modifications that were done to it, but her physical abilities were high to begin with, and she also has a clear mind. Together, all of this makes her the single most outstanding agent in the Zero Zero Organization. In the episode that takes place at the haunted castle, she tells Loki that her codename is Muse.

In the manga, Mylene goes through various aliases besides Muse, including "Miss Nine", "Cool Liz", "Lily Lam", "Mylene Duke", and "Melinda Pierce".


Mylene was orphaned at an early age, with her parents dying in the midst of a battle between the Eastern and Western Bloc. She was separated from her brother Paul, who she believed had died in the crossfire as well. She was then taken away by soldiers of the Western Bloc, and became an intelligence agent as she grew up.

Anime AppearancesEdit

# Episode Japanese Name Romanji Original Air Date
1 Infiltrators 潜入者たち Senyūsha-tachi 10-5-2006
2 Holy Night 聖夜 Seiya 10-12-2006
3 Hard Boiled ハードボイルド Hādo Boirudo 10-19-2006
4 Invitation from an Old Castle 古城よりの招待状 Kojō Yori no Shōtaijō 10-26-2006
5 Woman of Gold 黄金の女 Ōgon no Onna 11-02-2006
6 POP ポップ Poppu 11-09-2006
7 Port Minato 11-16-2006
8 Calendar of the Past 昨日の暦 Kinō no Koyomi 11-23-2006
9 Revenge 復讐 Fukushū 11-30-2006
10 Reverse-explosion 逆爆発 Gyaku-bakuhatsu 12-07-2006
11 Exodus 脱出 Dasshutsu 12-14-2006
12 Daybreak 夜明け Yoake 12-21-2006
13 R&B (Bonus - DVD only)



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