009 twins
English Alyona Theremin
Japanese アリョーナ・テルミン
Romanji Aryōna Terumin
Aliases Agent 009-10
Race Cyborg
Gender Female
Professional Status
Affiliation Nine Number Group
Zero Zero Organization
Occupation Secret Agent
Manga debut N/A
Anime debut Episode 8 - Calendar of the Past
Voice Actors
Japanese N/A
English N/A
Spanish N/A
Portuguese N/A

Alyona Theremin (alternatively romanized as Alona, or Alena), known as 009-10, is a minor character in 009-1. She is part of the Nine Number Group, and exclusive to the anime adaptation. She is modeled after 0010+  from Cyborg 009.

Alyona was briefly profiled in an extra booklet that came with the sixth DVD release, although many details about her still remain a mystery.

Along with her twin sister Vera, Alyona has the power to deliver an electrical charge from her body (from the positive power generator embedded inside it). She and her sister are able to perform surprise attacks with using their opposite polarities.


Alyona has light brown hair in a flipped style falling slightly above her shoulders. Her bangs are also symmetrically flipped out.

In the flashback in episode 8, she is seen wearing the standard blue Nine Number jumpsuit and a white scarf. However, the scarf and jumpsuit were respectively colored orange and yellow in the original broadcast:

00twins TVairing

In her appearance in episode 12, she wears a red scarf, referencing 0010+'s color scheme in the 2001 anime adaptation of Cyborg 009.


The twin sisters are described as being political exiles like Mylene, and as originating from somewhere in the Eastern Bloc. Little else is known about them and their backstory, including the circumstances that lead them to join the team.

Anime AppearancesEdit

AlyonaandVera episode12

The twins make a brief cameo in episode 8, as they're shown among the team lineup in a flashback of Mylene's history. They make a second and final cameo in episode 12, as they silently report on their mission.


  • The twins' surname may derive from the Soviet inventor Léon Theremin, who developed the theremin instrument. While their exact Eastern Bloc country is not stated, this could indicate them being of Russian descent.
  • The exact English rendering of アリョーナ is up for debate, as the given kana can represent Alyona, but also the variations Alona and Alena.