009-1: The End of the Beginning is a live action film based on Shotaro Inimomori's manga of the same name.

Synopsis Edit

The movie begins with agent 009-1 narrating her past history: she is an orphan from the Eastern Sector found in a crate with her brother Paul who was brought up in the Western Sector, then trained to be a field agent. When her training is complete, she has seven powerful cyberweapons incoprorated into her body that allow her to transcend her original human form and become a mechanical agent.

In this role she is sent to retrieve a missing scientist who holds the key to creating artificially sentient life. In the process of searching for her she rescues a young man from several assailants using her martial arts skills and takes him along with her. At the same time she begins to have flashbacks of her past life, including her forced separation from Paul who was deported back to the Eastern Sector. Along the way, she is attacked by another mechanical agent, this one from the other side, whom she manages to hurl into a pool. Rendezvousing with her contact - who is caring for a baby daughter - she learns that the scientist has been kidnapped by the evil master spy, Loki Laufeyson. Tracking him to a garage in Tokyo, she discovers that the scientist is not only not a prisoner, she has been a traitor all along and was the one who built the female mechanical agent who had attacked her earlier. Loki - who turns out to have been the young man she rescued - reveals himself as her brother Paul! Nonetheless, she destroys the female robot, kills Loki, and then brings the scientist's brain back to her superior officer, who comments:

"I was right all along - she will make the perfect mechanical agent!"

Notes Edit

In the original manga, 009-1 was a member of a group of nine female cyborg agents whose powers are roughly analagous to those of the ones in Cyborg 009. In the film, though, she works entirely alone but manifests the powers of several of the agents (including firing at an opponent using a gun concealed in her bionic leg in one scene) as well as her own classic weapon, the bosom guns. This may have been due to either the script being meant to be an entirely separate entity or the producers desire to emulate the Six Million Dollar Man TV series.