009-1 vol. 2

009-1 is an original manga series written by Shotaro Ishinomori. It started on August 10th, 1967 and ended on March 5th, 1970 and consisted of six volumes.

The manga series was adapted into a live-action tokusatsu show called "Flower Action 009-1" in 1969, and further adapted into an anime series that aired in late 2006.

Both the live-action and anime adaptations take considerable liberty with the source material. In "Flower Action 009-1", there is no Mylene Hoffman and the protagonists consider of a five-woman squad (Heart, Spade, Monkey, Club, and Diamond).

In the anime adaptation, the Nine Number Group is elaborated on a little more, with it being said to consist of twelve female secret agents, as opposed to the group's brief appearance in the manga where Mylene and the deceased 009-7 appeared to be the only women on the team.

The manga was most recently adapted into the 2013 live action film 009-1: The End of the Beginning.

Changes through reprintsEdit

Originally when published in 1967, the manga's plot took place in 1985, with Mylene having joined the organization two years prior. It was also a point that she had been born in 1965.

However, as time passed, the 1980s setting was no longer relevant for a futuristic story. The manga's setting was thus updated to take place in 2065. The title was also changed over time, from 009ノ1 (creating a double pun with "ku-no-ichi"/kunoichi) to 009-1, more directly referencing Mylene's codename.

List of VolumesEdit