Vanessa Ibert, known as 009-3, is one of the prominent cyborg agents shown in the 009-1 series. She is part of the Nine Number Group, and exclusive to the anime adaptation. She is modeled after Francoise Arnoul/003 from Cyborg 009.

Vanessa, along with Berta (009-4) and Mia (009-7), gets to do the most on missions with her leader. She acts as a reconnaissance cyborg, with specialized vision and hearing that allows her to see and hear from far distances. Her eyes also act as cameras.

Her backstory was briefly detailed in the extra booklet that came with the sixth DVD release in Japan.


Vanessa was a privileged to be in a wealthy upbringing, with great plans to become a pianist in her future. However, her happiness was cut short when her family was killed as a result of terrorism. She was then brought into the Zero Zero Organization, in circumstances that were similar to Mylene's.


  • Her surname may derive from the French composer Jacques Ibert, which would tie into her musician upbringing.
  • In addition to being modeled after Francoise Arnoul/003, she even shares her voice actress, Satsuki Yukino, who voiced Francoise in the 2001 009 series.