English Salma Banderas
Japanese サルマ・バンデラス
Romanji Saruma Banderasu
Aliases Agent 009-5
Race Cyborg
Gender Female
Professional Status
Affiliation Nine Number Group
Zero Zero Organization
Occupation Secret Agent
Manga debut N/A
Anime debut Episode 8 - Calendar of the Past
Voice Actors
Japanese N/A
English N/A
Spanish N/A
Portuguese N/A

Salma Banderas, known as 009-5, is a minor character in 009-1. She is part of the Nine Number Group, and exclusive to the anime adaptation. She is modeled after Geronimo Junior/005 from Cyborg 009, with the difference being that she is from an unspecified country in South America (rather than being a Native American living in North America).

Further information on her comes from a booklet included with the sixth DVD release. She has armored skin and super-strength that enhances her already impressive physical prowess.


Salma is the tallest of the Nine Number Group, with long deep green hair, part of which covers her right eye. In the flashback sequence, she is depicted dressed in the blue Nine Number jumpsuit, as well as a white scarf.

009-5 TVairing

In the first TV broadcast, the jumpsuit was colored yellow and the scarf was orange, along with Salma's hair being an ordinary black tone.


Prior to becoming a cyborg, Salma was a freedom fighter in a liberation movement for her country. However, after she was seriously injured in a struggle, she was taken away by the Zero Zero Organization and remodeled.

Anime AppearancesEdit

Salma only appears briefly in the flashback in episode 8, with no lines, as she is seen among the lineup of the Nine Number Group.


  • Her name seems to be inspired by that of the actors Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek.
  • While she shares her number and ability with 005, her backstory as a resistance fighter seems to refer back to 008's job in later chapters of the manga, as well as the backstory of his 2001 incarnation.