Mia Connery, known as 009-7, is one of the prominent cyborg agents shown in the 009-1 series. She is part of the Nine Number Group, and exclusive to the anime adaptation. She is modeled after Great Britain/007 from Cyborg 009.

Mia is a shape-shifting cyborg, with the ability to transform into whatever she can put her mind to. Her backstory was briefly detailed in an extra booklet that came with the sixth DVD release in Japan.

In the manga, a different 009-7 appears. This agent resembles Mylene, but with slightly darker hair, and has enhanced vision and hearing. She is soon killed on her mission.


Although Mia was a talented theatre actress, she found herself unlucky. She brought her theatrical talent to the Zero Zero Organization for a small mission, and proceeded to join them without full knowledge of the role that she would be getting herself into as an agent.


  • Both Mia's number and her last name are references to the James Bond franchise, as her name is a reference to Sean Connery, the first and most popular actor who portrayed James Bond.