English Una Barry
Japanese ウナ・ベリー
Romanji Una Beri
Aliases Agent 009-8
Race Cyborg
Gender Female
Professional Status
Affiliation Nine Number Group
Zero Zero Organization
Occupation Secret Agent
Manga debut N/A
Anime debut Episode 8 - Calendar of the Past
Voice Actors
Japanese N/A
English N/A
Spanish N/A
Portuguese N/A

Una Barry, known as 009-8, is a minor character in 009-1. She is part of the Nine Number Group, and exclusive to the anime adaptation. She is modeled after Pyunma/008 from Cyborg 009, although unlike Pyunma, she is not African but appears as a white, red-haired woman and is described as being American.

She is equipped with cybernetic devices that enable her to breathe underwater like a fish. This information comes from a booklet that came with the sixth DVD release, which briefly goes over these powers and her background.


Una has red hair, styled in a symmetrically spiked fashion. In her flashback appearance, she wears the blue Nine Number Group jumpsuit and white scarf.

In the original TV broadcast, Una's hair was colored brown, while her jumpsuit was yellow and the scarf was orange.


Una was a world record-holder in professional diving in North America, but became part of the Zero Zero Organization at some point under unspecified circumstances. With her already being comfortable at diving, she was remodeled to be an aquatic cyborg that could work freely in water.

Anime AppearancesEdit

Una episode12

Una first cameos in episode 8 with the rest of the team, and then makes a second and final cameo at the start of episode 12.