English Mio Murashima
Japanese 村島澪
Romanji Murashima Mio
Aliases Agent 009-9
Race Cyborg
Gender Female
Professional Status
Affiliation Nine Number Group
Zero Zero Organization
Occupation Secret Agent
Manga debut N/A
Anime debut Episode 8 - Calendar of the Past
Voice Actors
Japanese N/A
English N/A
Spanish N/A
Portuguese N/A

Mio Murashima (村島澪, Murashima Mio), known as 009-9, is a minor character in 009-1. She is part of the Nine Number Group, and exclusive to the anime adaptation. She is modeled after Joe Shimamura/009, from Cyborg 009, but only in a very loose sense.

Unlike her Cyborg 009 basis, Mio does not bear any acceleration power, but instead has several knives concealed within her body, enabling her to quickly pull them out and use them as her weaponry.


Mio appears as a petite woman with a black bobbed hair style, and black sparkly eyes. She is only seen in a flashback, where she wears the original Nine Number Group uniform: a blue jumpsuit with yellow gloves, yellow piping, and a white scarf.

In the original broadcast of episode 8, the Nine Number Group jumpsuits were all yellow and had orange scarves, but the colors were altered, presumably to have the yellow suit be the "training" one only worn by Mylene. Mio also originally had purple eyes.

009-9 TVairing


Although Mio's exact origin is a mystery, rumors and beliefs around her insist upon her being a descendant of a ninja clan. She has the greatest physical strength of the organization, and is often enlisted for missions that involve assassinations.

Anime AppearancesEdit

Mio makes a brief cameo in episode 8 with the rest of the team (minus Amia/009-12). While never getting to speak or go on missions in the series, she received a profile in the booklet included with the sixth DVD release, which her biographical information and further details are retrieved from.


  • While Mio does not have any physical resemblance to Joe Shimamura, her appearance does loosely resemble that of his mother as a young girl, seen in "The Night of the Star Festival".