Calendar of the Past (昨日の暦 Kinō no Koyomi) is the eighth episode of the 009-1 anime series.

Calendar of the Past
009-1 - 8 - Calendar of the Past

009-1 - 8 - Calendar of the Past

Air date November 23, 2006
Written by Yasuko Kobayashi
Directed by Naoyuki Konno
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Summary Edit

While 009-1 is ordered to eliminate a double agent selling information to the Eastern Bloc, her superiors at the Zero Zero Organization Committee have a meeting to discuss issues about her loyalty. Number Zero explains to the worried Committee members how Mylene Hoffman became agent 009-1. A major part of the episode consists of flashback scenes that tell how Mylene defected to the Western Bloc with her parents, how she met with Nelson, and how she went through her training and cybernetization process.