The Eastern Bloc is a collective of nations that are under the influence of the Soviet Union, forming a massive superpower that rules about half of the entire world, while the rest is ruled by the Western Bloc. The Cold War between the two Blocs has continued for over 100 years, and some high-ranking individuals in the Eastern Bloc are trying to heat it up and turn the cloak and dagger spy conflict into a proper war. They serve as the main antagonists of the 009-1 franchise.


  • Mr. Egg: An assassin appearing in "Hard Boiled".
  • Ivan Godunov: Deputy Director of Intelligence of S Area.
  • Paul Hoffman: Mylene's long-lost brother. His role is subject to difference through the manga and the anime adaptations, though a common factor is that he is part of the Eastern Bloc.
  • Clarice (manga)/Freya (anime): An Eastern Bloc agent appearing in "Invitation from an Old Castle".
  • Moorhead (manga)/Odin (anime): Another Eastern Bloc agent that appears in "Invitation from an Old Castle".
  • Systemic Weapon Man/Dexter (anime): Appears in chapter 21, "Revenge", adapted into episode 9 of the anime. He is the older of a pair of twin brothers, with his right arm acting as a machine gun. He is defeated and killed by 009-1's breast guns.
  • Snake Rim/Norman (anime): The younger of the twin brothers in chapter 21/episode 9. After the death of his older brother, he attempts revenge on 009-1. In contrast, his left arm acts as a machine gun, while his right arm is a transplant that had been given to him by his older brother in their childhood. After being blinded by 009-1, he is shot through the head.

Members exclusive to the mangaEdit

  • Charles Abner: An Eastern Bloc agent appearing in the manga version of "Invitation from an Old Castle" in chapter 7. For the purpose of the anime adaptation, the "Loki" character is a merger of him and Paul.
  • Woman-type Cyborg: Appears in chapter 11, "Give and Take". She is a cyborg ordered to assassinate Number Zero, and can fire beams from her fingertips, mouth, and missiles from her breasts. She also has the ability to divide her body into separate portions and use them in attacks.
  • Parody: Appears in chapter 12, "Parody". They are a cyborg that gained the ability to shapeshift into other people via altering the arrangement of their cells.
  • Number 100: Appears in Chapter 23, "No.100". Though she poses as a junior agent to Mylene in the Western Bloc, she is an Eastern Bloc spy.