Nine girls 009-1
Nine Number Group is an all-female group of secret agents, and one of the ten groups in the Zero Zero Organization, a Western Bloc intelligence organization lead by Number Zero.

In the manga, the Nine Number Group's members are never delved into in full, aside from a cameo of some in the fifth chapter. A notable difference between the manga and anime is that seven of the other agents shown, named the "00 Numbers", are all male and resemble the 00 cyborgs (002, and 004-009) from Cyborg 009. A "009-7" appears in the same chapter as part of a "Nine Group", but she is killed.

Although twelve members are listed on the site for the official anime adaptation, not all of are explored in detail. Any further info on some members (009-2, 009-5, 009-6, 009-8, 009-9, and 009-10 through 12) comes from a special booklet included in the Japanese DVD releases.

Out of Mylene's fellow agents, 009-3, 009-4, and 009-7 are given the most screentime in the anime. The other agents are relegated to being silhouettes in the opening sequence, although the full team does make a brief cameo in a flashback in episode 8, and a few of the agents make silent cameos in the final episode.