The Western Bloc is a group of nations led by the United States of America and other democratic governments that comprise about half of the entire world, while the rest are part of the Eastern Bloc. For 140 years, the two Blocs have been secretly fighting each other behind the curtains via the use of spies and secret agents. The leaders of the Western Bloc want to avoid this Cold War from turning into a global nuclear conflict and use their intelligence units like the Zero Zero Organization to maintain the balance of power.

Mylene Hoffman (aka 009-1) works for the Nine Number Group of the Zero Zero Organization.


  • Number Zero
  • Mylene Hoffman
  • 020, aka Jet (manga)/Mars (anime): Appears in "Invitation from an Old Castle". He bears a strong resemblance to Cyborg 002 (Jet Link) of Cyborg 009, though aged and with a beard.
  • Bem (manga)/Apollo (anime): Appears in "Invitation from an Old Castle".

Members exclusive to the mangaEdit

  • 00 Numbers: Male agents seen in the Nine Number Group, appearing in chapter 5. They resemble Cyborgs 002, 004, 005, 006, 007, 008, and 009 of Cyborg 009, but do not speak and only appear for a few pages.
  • 009-7: A colleague of Mylene, appearing in chapter 5. She bears a strong resemblance to her, but has the ability to record video with the cameras in her eyes. She winds up killed in the chapter.

Members exclusive to the animeEdit